Why Us?

With over 25 IT and MSP providers in Frederick County alone, it is a difficult choice to find the right partner. So why us? Simply put, we care. We care about the product we present, we care about our clients and their business, and we care most about the relationships we build.

SimplifyIT Group started in response to an overwhelming need for a technology services provider that was focused on delivering simple, but effective solutions to Frederick-area businesses. That need expanded into neighboring counties and soon into neighboring states. We pride ourselves on being the only solutions provider in the area that can not only architect a cost-effective solution, but do so without sacrificing our world-class customer service. Coming from all walks of life, our diverse and talented staff bring a unique perspective into every proposal and transform your needs into quantifiable results. Always flexible, we approach each challenge with an open mind and work with our clients to build long-term relationships that are often more important that the solutions we craft. As such, we welcome the next opportunity and look forward to simplifying your technology world!