Resize Images Directly From File Explorer


Quickly resize images from Windows File Explorer without needing to open them.


1. Download Image Resizer (currently v3.1.1)

2. Install using defaults.

Resize images by right clicking from Windows Explorer
Resize images by right clicking

3. Open directory containing images that need to be resized, select as many as needed and right click. Select the Resize pictures option.

4. Select desired options and click Resize, task will complete automatically.

Resize image options
Image Resizer Options


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 has to already be installed
  • Use the Resize the original pictures option if you don’t want to create a copy of the original image. Keeping the default options will preserve the original image and create a NEW resized copy
  • Use the Advanced Options to change image format, specify naming conventions, and set custom presets
  • Visit the Github project page for updates and additional information

Compatible With:

Windows 7 x86 & x64

Windows Vista x86 &x64

Windows XP x86 & x64